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Fantasy Tower House


Print ready Tower or tower like house model.

Design is my own, it is not a copy of some one else work or drawing.

Mesh is manifold.

Measure units are millimeters, it is about 20.7 cm  in height. 

Three version of files are available:

1) Tower-Solid.  (.blend, .obj, .stl, .fbx, .dae) 994706 triangular faces. File contains one solid object. 

2) Tower-and_Roof.  (.blend, .obj) 998820 triangular faces. File contains two solid objects, the Tower itself and roof. In this case the Tower has a bottom and the roof may be used as a lid.   

3) Tower_all_parts. (.blend, .obj) 2 266724 triangular faces. This version just for the case if you want to use the model for rendering purposes. Here is all parts before boolean operations is applied, so you can use different materials for different parts. Be aware that it has no UV layout and it hardly can be added. Topology is not clean in most parts. File contains Cycles materials like on colored picture in the presentation.


Cycles white material that was used for rendering is available in Tower-Solid.blend file.

PS. Be aware bricks are slightly overhanging, so for some printers it may be a problem. I am not sure about it. For SLS printers and services like ShapeWays it certainly should be OK.

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